According to the License Agreement between the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) and the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA), TSIA is starting to provide the service of selling WSTS data and reports to TSIA non-WSTS members and customers who are not end products and foundry semiconductor companies in some nearby areas from November 1, 2002.

The World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) is an organization comprised of seventy semiconductor companies from all over the world. It provides the industry with accurate and timely indicators of business trends. Participation in this program is available to worldwide semiconductor manufacturers, regardless of the size, geographic locations or product lines. Companies would benefit from WSTS by having the primary sources of market data.

The program covers over 200 product Categories for all world regions. Reported data include all monthly net billings (shipments) between semiconductor manufacturers and their end customers, authorized distributors and divisions/subsidiaries that manufacture end products. All billings are reported according to customer shipment location. Actual sales prices (or comparable market prices for internal transfers) are used to value all billings.

Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines
TSIA Service Areas to be provided by WSTS subscription Products are as follows :
  • WSTS Blue Book (Monthly)
  • WSTS Green Book (Monthly)
  • WSTS End Use Report (Annually)
  • WSTS Forecasts (Semi-annually)
  • TSIA member : US$1,800
  • Non-member : US$3,600
  • Wire Transfer should be made payable to : "Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association",
    Address : Rm.1246, Bldg.51, No.195, Sec.4, Chung Hsing Rd., Chutung, Hsinchu 31040,Taiwan, R.O.C.
    A/C No : 016-001-036851, Land Bank-Hsinchu Branch. (Reference : WSTS Data)
  • Checks should be made payable to "Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association" and sent to the TSIA office: Rm.1246, Bldg.51, No.195, Sec.4, Chung Hsing Rd., Chutung, Hsinchu 31040,Taiwan, R.O.C.
    Attn : Ms. Arin Huang
Individual who violates the following rules will be terminated its subscriber's right with no refund of its subscription fee.
  • Disclosure any WSTS data to any non- subscriber is strictly prohibited.
  • Transferring subscriber's ID and Password to non- subscriber is not permitted.
  • WSTS data only use internal, need to mark the source when use the data and can't copy the whole data.